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If you need advice for any foot related problem and you are not currently a patient with the department there are two ways in which you may access the Podiatry Department. You can contact our Walk in Clinic at the Port Talbot Resource Centre or contact our Direct Access Telephone service (Podiatry Direct).

Why choose the Walk In Clinic?

You may choose to attend the walk in clinic at the Port Talbot Resource Centre (without an appointment). The benefits of attending the Walk In Clinic includes a face to face assessment by a Podiatrist where treatment may also be provided where appropriate (please bring a list of medicines you are taking if you attend).

Opening Hours for the Walk In Clinic

Monday to Friday 8.45am to 11.30am and 1.10pm to 3.30pm (except Bank Holidays)

Why choose the Direct Access Telephone Service?

As an alternative to the Walk In Clinic you may telephone us at Podiatry Direct, you will speak with a Podiatrist who will discuss your foot health needs and offer specialist advice. You will also be offered an appointment where appropriate.

Telephone – 0300 300 0024, Monday to Friday 8.50am – 4.30pm (except Bank Holidays)

What is the Direct Access Telephone Service?

A telephone service to provide direct access for advice and assessment of foot related problems. Please note that the Podiatry Department does not offer a routine nail cutting service. Specialist nail care advice and clinical treatment is only available where nails are abnormal and causing problems.

Who will I speak to?

A Health Professions Council Registered Podiatrist employed by ABMU Health Board.

How long will the telephone call take?

The length of the telephone call will vary for each patient, but may take from 5-20 minutes.

What will happen when I telephone?

By telephoning us and identifying yourself you are giving consent for a Podiatrist to carry out a telephone assessment. You will be asked a number of questions by the Podiatrist so that he or she can fully understand your problem.

You will be asked questions about:

  • Your foot problem.
  • The medicines you are taking.
  • Any medical problems

Please have this information readily available when you telephone. It would also be helpful if you could have your hospital or NHS number available.

The podiatrist will then discuss with you the best way of helping you manage your foot problem.This may include one or more of the following options:

  • Advice over the telephone.
  • An appointment at a Poditry clinic where your foot/feet will be examined and a treatment plan agreed.

All patients needing an appointment will be seen according to the priority of their condition. Relevant health education information will be sent to you, if appropriate following the telephone assessment.

What can I do if I can’t get through?

Telephone lines can get very busy although this may vary depending on the day and time you call. If the telephone line is busy this means that the Podiatrist is on the telephone helping someone else. You may want to try again later or you can leave your name and telephone number including your area code on our answer machine and the Podiatrist will call you back as soon as they are available.

What if I can’t use the telephone and need someone to speak for me?

We understand that it’s not always possible for you to speak with us on the telephone.

You may ask someone to telephone Podiatry Direct on your behalf. If you are not able to speak on the phone AND you do not have anyone to speak on your behalf, you may choose to attend our Walk In Clinic at the Port Talbot Resource Centre (without an appointment) during the times given above.

If you can’t use the Podiatry direct service and are unable to attend the Walk In Clinic you may write to the address below, explaining your difficulties and a face to face appointment will be arranged.

Can I use Podiatry direct or the Walk In Clinic if I already receive NHS Podiatry Services?

No. If you currently attend an NHS Podiatry clinic and have an enquiry about an appointment (or any queries relating to the service) please contact the appointments office:

Telephone – 0300 300 0024

Contact Address

If you wish to contact the department in writing:

Podiatry Direct
Podiatry & Orthotic Services
Level 1, Port Talbot Resource Centre
Moor Road
Baglan Industrial Estate
Port Talbot
SA12 7BJ